White Spaces Ireland

White Spaces Ireland is an open initiative for supporting wireless innovation and commercial development through new opportunities for accessing spectrum.

The term white space is generally used to describe spectrum that is unoccupied or fallow. Spectrum can be unoccupied because it has not been assigned to any party, because it has been assigned but the licensee is not using all of its spectral resource or because a service has become obsolete and is turned off.

Spectrum is a valuable resource and the lifeblood of all wireless systems. It is too valuable to remain fallow.

White Spaces Ireland aims

  1. To disseminate information about the latest advances in spectrum access techniques
  2. To foster white space trials within Ireland that will support innovation, identify commercial opportunities and assimilate evidence for policy development and legislation.
  3. To promote Ireland as a Spectrum Playground
  4. To support the goal of providing all citizens, businesses, and institutions within Ireland with access to high-quality broadband so that Ireland can reach its full economic potential.

The turn off of Analogue TV on Oct 24th 2012 presents a first opportunity to galvanise efforts in this respect. The wider moves in Europe and elsewhere towards spectrum sharing provide longer term opportunities.

White Spaces Ireland is open to all interested parties and involvement does not indicate any technical or policy preferences nor does it indicate a commitment to be involved in the associated trials. 

White Spaces Ireland was founded by Linda Doyle and Tim Forde from CTVR.  White Spaces Ireland is open to all interested parties and CTVR is acting as a facilitator of the initiative.The current working address for White Spaces Ireland is CTVR headquarters.