White Space Trials

As stated in the White Spaces Ireland description, one of our aims is to foster white space trials within Ireland  to support innovation, identify commercial opportunities and assimilate evidence for policy development and legislation.

White Spaces Ireland will bring interested parties together to form trials around specific application areas and business opportunities. We will  make sure that learning from trials held elsewhere such as in the UK, USA, Singapore and Finland is fed into the process. And that appropriate outcomes are disseminated. We will build on the outcomes to affect policy change.

With this aim in mind we are currently seeking interested parties and we hope that a variety of trials will be initiated.

It is worth noting that natural competitors have collaborated in trials elsewhere and there are a range of instruments that can be put in place to accommodate this. It is also worth noting that all trials do not need to be public.

Some of the potential application areas were discussed at the Filling the White Spaces event and we will be posting ideas on this website to stimulate engagement.