The Filling the White Spaces workshop aimed to inform an Irish audience of the opportunities for using TV white spaces by sharing the experiences of companies that have already conducted trials in the UK, USA and Finland. In addition we also began to identify opportunities for Irish exploitation of this new spectrum resource in the context of on-going global developments.

It took place on September 26th in the Science Gallery in Trinity College. The event was hosted by CTVR and the Science Gallery and was attended by 120 individuals drawn from mainly from industry and the public sector with input from academia as well.

Talks were given by Microsoft, Spectrum Bridge, Neul, Adaptrum, Fairspectrum and BSkyB.  All of these companies have been directly involved in different trials around the world and/or are suppliers of infrastructure (e.g. databases, radios, terminals etc) for the trials. The companies are also interested in getting involved in trials in Ireland.  Short summaries of their talks plus their slides can be found here.

The second part of the day was focused on Ireland specifically. The discussion was meant to act as a CALL TO ACTION as well as providing an opportunity to discuss issues. Application and business potential, building of consortia, getting permissions, building an Irish geolocation database, practicalities of the trials and issues relating to changing policy and legislation were discussed. A summary of the discussion can be found here.