1. The Neul Basestation & Radio

Neul availed of a Comreg Test & Trial License for the event to show the Neul Basestation and Radio in action.

2. The Fairspectrum PMSE Manager

PMSE stands for Programming Making and Special Events. When spoken about in the context of TV white spaces, people are generally referring to the fact wireless microcphones are in use in the TV bands. The Fairspectrum demonstrated their PMSE Manager – a database for microphones.

3. The CogEU database & Munich Trials

CogEU is an FP7 project that looks at TV White Spaces across Europe. A video of the CogEU trials in Munich was shown and the CogEU database was demonstrated.

4. CTVR TV White Space Transmissions

CTVR used a Comreg Test & Trial license to demo the CTVR software radio, USRP radio and CTVR antennas transmitting video footage over TV frequencies.