Embrace the New: Sharing Spectrum, Building Networks

Linda Doyle gave a talk at TEDxDublin on September 8th, 2012. Organised by Science Gallery as part of their HACK THE CITY exhibition, the event featured an array of speakers addressing a myriad of topics.

Linda’s talk addressed the advances in radios and networks that underpin many of the objectives of White Spaces Ireland. The talk gives an overview of the kinds of changes that are happening within radio technology and within the economics of ownerhip and consumption of spectrum and networks.

As the talk conludes, Linda notes that it’s time to Occupy Spectrum. To embrace the New.


Soundings on White Spaces

Luke Clancy, creator and presenter of Culture File [ @CultureFilePod ] on RTE Lyric FM was at Filling the White Spaces last week. He did a really nice piece on the event for Culture File which can be downloaded as a podcast from the here. What makes this especially great is the fact that Luke has brought the idea of white spaces to a very different audience. Radiowaves and issues around wireless communications are by their nature invisible to the wider public, while at the same time being part of their everyday lives. Culture File describes itself as the essential daily dose of arts, culture and play. Roll on the Spectrum Playground.