First TV White Space Database for Ireland

A preliminary TVWS database is now available for Ireland, here. This database has been created Spectrum Bridge using technical information which describes the Irish digital terrestrial TV system.

The database is also available as an App for iPhones or Android-enabled devices.

Spectrum Bridge has developed this tool to allow potential users and developers of White Space solutions to estimate the amount of available White Space that might be available after the transition to digital TV is complete in 2012.  The estimates do not guarantee the present or future availability of White Spaces.  The proposed rules, policies, implementation guidelines and underlying data are subject to change.  The tools offer some flexibility in adapting ACLR and C/I ratios to determine the potential effects of these parameters on availability.

However, these kinds of TVWS databases are emerging as the preferred spectrum policy tool to protect the incumbent TV services from new users of the TV frequencies. New wireless devices will likely be required to check such a database before transmitting in order to receive regulatory permissions.

This first estimate of Ireland’s TV White Spaces should serve to flag the potential of this shared spectrum opportunity.


TV White Spaces -Tech & Op Requirements Consultation

Main message from this post – two reports have been released for public consultation that relate to technical issues for uses of the TV White Spaces. Hence they may be of interest to this community. They are worth taking a look at – though we will post some points at a later stage.

What are they?

  • Draft ECC Report 185 “Further definition of technical and operational requirements for the operation of white space devices in the band 470-790 MHz”;
  • Draft ECC Report 186 “Technical and operational requirements for the operation of white space devices under geo-location approach”.

Where are they?

You have to go to this page and then download them. They are part of a longer list of reports on very many other things. Scroll down to Report 185 and 186.

Where did they come from? 

The 62nd meeting of WG SE has approved the two draft ECC Reports developed by SE43 for submission to the Public Consultation process. Yes a whole load of acronyms for those not from this space. The ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) is one of three autonomous business committees under CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) and is responsible for electronic communications matters. The ECC has working groups including a working group on Spectrum Engineering (SE) and SE 43 explicitly looks at White Spaces & Cognitive Radio Systems.

What should you do about them?

The  above reports will be in the public consultation phase until November 14, 2012. CEPT administrations as well as any other interested parties  are free to comment. There is a template online for comments which should be forwarded to Mr. Jean-Philippe Kermoal, ECO ( by e-mail.